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"After facing a stage 2 cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, and surgeries, I felt depleted. I felt out of sync with my body and even feared it. Going through somatic therapy gave me the tools to help me get in tune with all the good in my life, in this body of mine. Lua held space for me to understand meditation, to express difficult emotions, and to trust that my body can heal. My relationships have improved, my pain level reduced and I was able to use what I learned in my family and daily life. If you want a way to trust everything that you've gone through will turn out ok this is the way, the way to finally let go of all the things that hold you back."

Emily Bianco

"This work is the FOUNDATION of all other work.. it’s hard to know what one needs if they don’t know themselves deeply enough. I can truly say that knowing myself on a deeper level, I need only my inner compass. 


I felt deeply impacted by Lua’s ability to help cultivate and encourage my self-trust, and her celebratory attitude towards my Becoming. Lua’s skilled approach in creating space and using intentionality, allowed me to explore my inner landscape and come to my own realizations. I felt safe and seen.

This work encompassed exactly what I was missing in traditional therapy. T
hank you, Lua."


"I wasn't sure what to expect by working with Lua as I had never worked with a Somatic Coach before but I am so glad I took the leap to trust it was what I needed. Indeed it was. Never once did I feel even a hint of judgement. Her presence on every call was warm, gentle, empathetic, and healing. She reminded me of my nobility.


The last year of my life has been unrelenting in challenges and I needed a guide to help me process the trauma. She calmed the frenzy in my mind and now I can truly say I am at peace. I now practice RADICAL Self-care and can feel my capacity to serve others expand the more I tend to myself.


Lua is an EXPERT in her field and knows how to get you to tap into your own intuition and wisdom to heal yourself."


"My main challenges were constant stress and inability to sleep and rest due to familial relationship trauma. I have learned how to give myself permission to experience growth and to accept the sleep needed afterward to balance my mind and body.  Without the coaching, I was in a constant state of panic and sadness. Depression and lack of self worth consumed me. The challenges and reflections that were gently advised have let me grow and become more aware of good, as well as things I need to work on. This coaching was intense from a personal perspective, and I find it has changed my life in a positive way.


I reaped more benefits with Lua coaching me in 40 days than I did with a psychotherapist in 5 months time. It was well worth my time and energy. Lua expertly guided me to self revelation and offered insight and encouragement to my resulting temporary fatigue after working to understand the many layers I have been hiding under for years.  She's helped me identify the biggest struggles that I have emotionally, and expertly led me to realize how its affecting me physically."


“I was at a point in my life where I was feeling very stuck and complacent. I was having a lot of self doubt and knew I wanted better for myself. I was searching for someone to help me to become the best version of me. And then I found Lua! Lua has helped me open my mind and heart in a way I never knew I could. She is such a kind, caring and genuine person. I’ve learned so much about myself throughout this process and was given very beneficial resources.


I am better able to regulate my nerves. It’s brought me such a heightened perspective of my self-worth and has allowed me to let go of a lot of emotions/thoughts I’ve been harboring. I’m celebrating how far I have come from my first session, the feeling of lowness and self-pity, to this beautiful feeling of worthiness and power.


I am extremely grateful for this. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing a little extra help in life. She has definitely changed mine.

Jenny Bennett

"Lua Zawacki is such an inspiration. Nurturing in nature. Empathetic and pragmatic in her coaching. Non judgmental and so wise beyond her years.  Vast experience in body healing, and her Somatic signature is beyond words.

Lua has helped me immensely discard blocks that I didn’t even realize I had built. The ability to ground me with her presence and bring me back into my higher self's perspective. It started by just holding space for me, so I could feel that trust. Feel what trust meant. Truly, that alone provided me with ability to take action, and live my truth. The truth I’ve known all along, but without her, I’m not sure I would’ve seen it or believed in myself to live it."


"When I came to Lua, I was feeling stuck around my work--something didn't feel aligned for me even though I was passionate about it—and how I communicated didn't feel aligned, I felt unable to be myself.  Right away, she was able to see what was in the way, and through her Somatic Coaching helped me work through and make shifts from being too much in my head to paying attention to the wisdom of heart and body as a lens for everything. She's helped me be more myself and get clarity in my business. She's challenged me to get outside of my comfort zone and was so intuitive in drawing out my creative side that I was ignoring --that has been life-changing


Lua is amazing--she holds this incredible space, she is so in tune, so present, so skilled and intuitive, and such a joyful human who fully embodies what she teaches and is such an inspiration.  I would tell anyone: Run, don't walk, to work with her."


"I felt seen, heard and held in each session. I felt that I could be fully myself and fully accepted. I learned something new in the Daring to Rest™ Yoga Nidra program exercises. I accessed a deeper sense and trust of my inner wisdom and the circle of sisterhood."


"The specific results I've seen since working with Lua are too many to count. I feel more grounded and confident in parenting, work and my spiritual life. I have tools to deal with the inevitable emotional bumps that life throws me. I navigated a tricky time in my life with moving house, taking leaps in my business and parenting issues while being able to maintain peace and perspective.


Lua is kind, gentle and extremely intuitive. She is very professional in her communications and I always felt like she came ready to our calls very grounded and ready to support me fully. It was easy to share my heart with her and never felt judged when I needed a good cry or a good laugh! No matter what I brought to our sessions, she flowed with me in ease.


Working with Lua has integrated all the aspects of my being. I used to feel very disjointed in my work, my home life, my relationship and my Faith. Now I feel like one whole ball of goodness :)

I HIGHLY recommend Lua as a coach for ALL aspects of life. She has helped me lower anxiety, increase my confidence, integrate my spirit and mind, make smart business decisions and overall increase my sense of peace, love and joy!"


"Before working with Lua, I was very spread thin work-wise and personally. I was also pretty anxious, a people-pleaser and had difficulty making decisions that were healthy for me.


Since working with Lua, I have cleared a number of things off my plate that were not serving me, have created daily practices for connecting to myself and my needs, and feel much more connected to my higher self and my intuition. I have made and continue making changes to my business so that it meets my needs rather than the other way around. I have done a large amount of deep emotional healing and have the tools to continue to heal so that I can fully embody my life's purpose."


"I had many breakthrough moments when working with Lua. She has a wonderful way of seeing the bigger picture behind and between the words and offering this back in a wise and compassionate way to create crucial new awareness in her clients. 


The new awareness I have of the knowledge held within my body has also been life changing. When I feel confused or overwhelmed and my mind is agitated, I am able to tune in to my body, listen to what it tells me and know the way forward.


For this I will be eternally grateful for most of us are so disconnected from the primal knowledge of our bodies and it is a truly powerful thing to be in touch with. I am now confident to completely trust my instinct.


I worked with Lua at a really difficult, uncertain and unstable period in my life, and the tools she helped me to develop have been invaluable in navigating the ongoing situation. I now prioritise aspects of my own well-being in ways I never did before. I have more compassion for myself and more commitment and determination to create the life I want to be living. I believe I can have the life I want, and when the little voice in my mind tries to tell me otherwise, I am equipped to recognise that for what it is and overcome the challenges it brings. 


I looked forward to our sessions, and they felt like an anchor in my week.  I can’t recommend working with Lua highly enough."

Mariam Rowhani

"I loved every bit and moment of spending time with the loving, healing, nurturing support of Lua and her amazing energy to shift me from surviving and suffering to more awareness, which in turn led me to a thriving life on all levels.  I have improved in connecting with myself more and not so much being swayed by the outside noise.  Learning to understand where my fears have been coming from, and how to deal with them effectively as they pop up over time.  


Healing these deep traumas that have been generational in the making and how to let them go, step by step, and connecting with my authentic/True Self. I feel more empowered with my decision-making process that is connected to my Higher Self, rather than one based on fears and what others feel I should be doing.  Having my life saved from a near death experience, thanks to Lua and her invaluable somatic coaching gift she shared with me.  Not sure where I would have been or ended up without her nurturing guidance/coaching.  I did not know who I was and have not really had an identity.  I have been enmeshed with other people's stories and lives, family, friends, strangers that I did not know who I was, or for that matter, who my Higher Self was.  


I am finally being able to reclaim that, step by step, with each passing day!  I was in so much fear mode before, and now I can see it and dispel it a lot more quickly with Lua's support that enabled me to do so.  I would highly recommend Lua to anyone who is seeking to heal and/or wants to see tremendous shifts and improvements in their lives.  Run, don't walk, as you only get one body and one chance to self-care and live a life you are truly in love and in harmony with."


"I came to Lua Zawacki with the feeling of being 'stuck', and the feeling that 'I needed help'. The specific shifts that I have seen mainly revolve around my life mission and my heart. I feel more loved than ever, and I realize that everything is happening the way it needs to in my life to prepare me for what lies ahead.  This coaching allowed me to explore what I truly enjoy, and it re-kindled some lost joys. It also offered a safe space for me to explore what is truly holding me back, and why I felt "stuck" in the first place. What I like most about Lua is how she welcomes people. I feel Lua is great for any female that has been traumatized and needs help self-regulating and getting back on course after losing connection with her own body. Lua is extremely trauma-informed, and her somatic approach works extremely well for Highly Sensitive People/Females, like myself, who need help getting back in touch with what it is like to feel again, especially after being disconnected from the body as a means to cope with trauma."


"Lua clarifies and connects those missing dots that you didn't even realize were missing. She is very intuitive, loving and kind with you as you navigate your goals, experiences and body signals. She is a great guide to connect body and soul, I am grateful for working with her and helping me find inner confidence, peace and self worth."


"Working with Lua has had such a wonderful impact on my life. I've gained more confidence, been able to let go of old negative patterns that were harming my body and the tension headaches I was having frequently as a result of pain in my neck, head and shoulders gradually disappeared and I've been free of them now for 3 months, so grateful.  


Lua is a caring, supportive and very intuitive. I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking to make a positive change in your life or heal and learn from your body."

Monica Suero

"I loved working with Lua. She has a very loving and nourishing energy, and I felt safe, supported, validated, seen and heard. With her guidance and intuitive wisdom, I’ve been able to tune into myself and feel more present in my body. I’m so grateful for Lua, and I highly recommend her as a somatic coach."

Denise Dineen

"I would highly recommend Lua as a Somatic Coach and Practitioner. My sessions with Lua were deeply healing on many levels, emotionally, physically and most importantly for me intuitively. She is deeply engaged, guiding me through some challenging habits and beliefs. She has helped me integrate new skills with gentleness, deep knowledge of her work, and with integrity."


"A session with Lua is like tapping into the energy of the universe, releasing the blockages inside that don’t let you move forward, and gaining the ability to finally soar.  In fact, every single session with Lua yielded an immense breakthrough in my inner well-being and progress.  What truly sets Lua apart is her ability to see the real you past all the life’s limitations you’ve set upon yourself.  Lua’s energy is so powerful and loving, it continues guiding you even after your session with her.  


Lua is truly a miracle worker and I recommend her with all my heart.  She helped change my life for the better, she helped me heal from the most painful tragedies that inhabited my body and spirit, she also helped me realize my own inner power, infusing me with ability to finally live my dreams.  She made me feel heard and loved when I needed it the most." 

Ashleigh Westenhoff

"Lua is an amazing Somatic Coach and Bodyworker. I received several Somatic Coaching sessions as well as a Cranial Sacral bodywork session. The coaching was absolutely transformative for me, the tools that Lua gave me I get to use for the rest of my life. Her bodywork sessions are deeply relaxing, gentle, and spacious. She cleared up neck pain that I was having with gentle touch which I found very profound. I deeply trust Lua as a person and a practitioner and would recommend her to anyone looking for somatic healing."


"The work that Lua has helped me with has been absolutely transformative!  Lua really takes the time to understand what the core issues are, but also has the ability to start working immediately on things that come up while still assessing what needs to be done. Lua has coached and performed bodywork on me with amazing results. 


The integrative work that Lua performs has enabled a strong mind-body connection that has helped me clear really old programming and limiting beliefs. After a session with Lua, I always feel lighter, but grounded. Days and even weeks after a session, I still receive downloads and messages to help me process and align with my best self! 


Heart-centered and truly gifted, Lua really cares about her clients and the work she does. Booking a session is a must!"

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