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I offer body-centered, therapeutic services that support highly sensitive women to regulate their nervous systems, heal from trauma and optimize wellbeing.

Are you feeling...

  • Stuck in cycles of anxiety, sadness or anger that feel life-draining?

  • Pain or discomfort in your body you can't seem to resolve, even after seeking medical and therapeutic support?

  • Despair in the midst of a deeply challenging time in life, such as divorce, health crisis, betrayal trauma, etc.?

  • That you've made progress with other therapists, but you are needing another approach at this stage of your journey?

If this describes you, then you may benefit from Body-Centered Therapy and feel what it's like to:

  • Live in a body with a regulated nervous system.

  • Feel a broad spectrum of emotions with ease, including joy, peacefulness, sadness, anger, playfulness - without getting stuck in one state or another.

  • Resolve trauma that has been stuck in your body, mind and heart.

  • Communicate with more parts of yourself, for greater inner coherence and felt sense of peace.

  • Access more of your own inner intelligence, for enhanced decision-making.

  • Find relief from chronic stress, pain, anxiety and harsh self-talk.

  • Be on your own side.

  • Feel genuine love for your inner and outer being.



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Are you seeking support on your healing journey?

Yes, it is possible to heal from within and experience
felt-sense inner calm on a daily basis.

With Body-Centered Therapy, you will discover and experience:

  • Your specific patterns for dysregulation in the body / nervous system / emotions.

  • Actions to jump start you on the journey towards sustainable regulation.

  • Felt sense calm that builds over time.

  • The digestion of unprocessed emotions.

  • Resolution of trauma held in the body.

  • Connection with your inner intelligence and a roadmap for how it is embodied within you.

  • Parts of yourself you may have long forgotten.

  • Space for new layers of truth to feel safe enough to surface.

  • Opportunities for greater alignment with your truest self and highest wellbeing.

  • Ending wars that may live inside of you.

  • How to honor yourself.

  • Tools and techniques to support you outside of session.

This could be the first step to embodying
the inner peace that you seek.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in learning more, the next step is to schedule a free 30-minute Clarity Call so I can explain how I work with clients, answer your questions and see how best I can support you at this time.


For Bodywork and Somatic Therapies, my rate is $185 per 60-minute session and $235 per 90-minute session. I offer Bodywork at my Tempe, AZ location and Somatic Therapy in-office and virtually by Zoom. I look forward to connecting with you soon.




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