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You're in the right place if...

  • You are an Empath, Neurodivergent or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) seeking peace, freedom and a way of living that is aligned with how you are wired as a human being.

  • You are seeking support to heal from betrayal trauma.

  • You want to end cycles of exhaustion and learn to be in service to yourself just as much as you are in service to others.

  • You have worked with traditional coaches or therapists and are still feeling stuck.

  • You want help getting out of your head and into your intuitive guidance system.

  • You feel emotionally stuck or numb and want support to process your emotions and begin to feel on a broader spectrum.

  • You want a life and profession that is more aligned with your Essential Self.

As a Somatic Practitioner, I support you to resource the intelligence of your body for healing and transformation.

  • I support you to regulate your nervous system so you can respond to your life with more ease and enjoyment.

  • I support you to heal from trauma that may be getting in the way of you embodying the life you long to live.

  • I help you shift out of conditioned patterns of thought and behavior that are draining your life, and into new ways of being and doing that are centered on freedom and fulfillment.

  • I help you identify your body's unique cues and resource them so you can make more prosperous and life-enhancing decisions for yourself.

  • I meet you where you are, as perfect and whole right now.

  • I hold safe space for you to process difficult emotions in a way that does not overwhelm your system.

  • I do not need to know about your past in order to be able to help you shift into new ways of being and doing that are more life enhancing for you today.

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I'm so glad you're here.

I'm Lua Zawacki, Certified Somatic Coach & Therapist.

I offer coaching and therapeutic services that support highly sensitive women to heal from trauma, end cycles of exhaustion, and realign their lives with their most authentic Self - so they can find peace and fulfillment in life and work.





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